Исполнитель: Mosaic MSC

Альбом: Heaven - EP

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F   G   Am   Em

1 verse:
Caught up in the static and noise
Somehow I had lost Your voice
I was spinning out of control

Pre chorus:
F                                        G                                Am                       Em
But You were always there, waiting patiently You are never far away from me
F                        G/H                          Am                            Em
I am still Your own, even when I waver I am not too far away

Oh, Jesus is running to me, running to me, yeah
Oh-ohh, Jesus is coming for me, coming for me, yeah
Oh, my Savior is calling my name, calling me free
Jesus will never give up on me never give up on me.

2 verse:
Drawn into the city lights
I had lost You from my sight
You never lost sight of me