A Song For The Birds (Matthew 6:26)

Исполнитель: Rivers & Robots

Альбом: The Great Light

Father God, 
All I ever needed was in your plan, 
All I ever wanted was in your hands, 
Now I don't have to wander so far, 
Just to find a well, 
for water that does not quench the thirst. 

Little birds, 
Keep your feathered wings wrapped around your face, 
The perfect little coat for a warm embrace, 
And spread your wings in flight, 
Overhead in the open sky, 
The perfect picture, black and white. 

They don't toil and spin, 
They don't reap and sow, 
They don't store in barns but still the flowers grow, 
I put my trust in You, 
See all the birds You feed, 
My daily bread, my life, for You have all I need.