Исполнитель: Influence Music

Альбом: Rebels

1 verse:
Upwards, down my whole world was falling
Out of my control
Needed some solid ground sinking, You came calling
You caught me, you caught me now

Pre chorus:
I'm in Your freedom
And when they see it, it don't make sense
You are the reason
They say I'm losing my head, yes I am...

Abandoned, for You
Abandoned, got nothing left to lose
Not in a hurry to leave this place
I found the only thing when I lost everything

2 verse:
Our world stops
Knowing that You're near me all I want is more
And when I'm feeling lost
I know that You hear me You caught me, you caught me now

If falling is foolish
I'll be a fool for you
And it's all good if all is lost
'Cause losing means gaining you
Losing means gaining you